Is Viktor Blom about to sign for Unibet?

Daniel Smyth in Poker News 15 Nov 2014
Is Viktor Blom's tweet a sign he's heading to Unibet?

Is Viktor Blom about to sign a sponsorship deal with Unibet Poker? That's the question the poker world is currently asking after the usually quiet Swede announced he was taking part in the operator's forthcoming cash game in London.

Although an innocuous tweet about a £5/£10 cash game in London during the Unibet Open wouldn't normally cause much of a stir in the online poker community, the fact the message came from Blom is, possibly, something significant. 

Over the past few years the young pro has made it quite clear that the media spotlight is something he neither craves nor particularly likes. Because of this, any sort of public announcement is given more credence than normal. Add to this the fact that Blom has said he'll be taking part in a cash game alongside the likes of Teddy Sheringham and it's a recipe for something potentially quite interesting. 

Of course, none of this really means Blom will become a Unibet ambassador any time soon, but it would certainly be an interesting move by the company if it does happen. Earlier this year Unibet underwent a major re-branding exercise which saw it switch from a hardcore poker site to a more novice-friendly platform.

With Blom being known as one of the fiercest cash game players in the world, it would seem that there would be a clash of styles if the two parties were to join forces. However, there's no doubt that Blom is a headline grabber, even if he doesn't usually say very much. Thanks to his now legendary online battles with the top pros in the game, he'll forever be known as one of the most entertaining players in the game and that's the sort of marketing gold that could help Unibet become a much larger force on the Europe scene.

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Is Viktor Blom about to sign for Unibet?

Swedish cash game legend, Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom, could be about to sign for Unibet Poker if a recent tweet is anything to go by.

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