PokerStars to introduce MTT Rebuy Rake

Daniel Smyth in Poker News 31 Oct 2014
PokerStars adopts a new rebuy rake policy

Another policy change at PokerStars, this time regarding the new rake policy for rebuy tournaments, have infuriated some members of the online poker community.

PokerStars rake
PokerStars adopts new rake policy
According to a recent press release by PokerStars, all players who access the platform through one of its .com portals will be subject to a new set of MTT fees from January 1, 2015. In addition to those who still have access to the .com platform, players in countries where "high local taxes" are in place will also be hit with bigger charges in the coming months. 

Although there will be sweeping changes across the board with regards to tournament fees and prizepool distribution (most notably in hyper-turbo and Spin & Go games), the main concern for many grinders is that PokerStars will now be adding a rake charge to rebuys and add-ons.

"New tournament fees will apply in rebuy tournaments for players whose play is subject to significant local taxes in the form of gaming duty and/or VAT. For such players, tournament fees equivalent to those charged for initial buy-ins will be charged for rebuys and add-ons. We will soon provide a full list of sites/countries affected on January 1," the recent announcement said.

As yet the full list of affected countries hasn't been disclosed, however, Belgium, Denmark and Bulgaria will all be hit with the new charges. Additionally, players in Germany will also feel the pinch when the new charges hit on January 1. Moreover, although nothing has yet been confirmed, the UK could also be subject to the new rake structure. Once PokerStars' .UK platform goes live on November 3, British grinders can already expect a slight reduction to the site's VIP scheme, but it's also possible that the rebuy tax could also be applied in 2015.

The Poker Community Reacts

PokerStars players
The community responds
For some in the community, PokerStars' latest announcement is yet another blow to their bottom-line. Since Amaya Gaming took charge of the site a number of policy changes have sparked criticism from its regulars. In fact, such is the discontent among some factions of the community that a mass "sit out" is being planned for November 5.

Although nothing more than a forum thread at this point, it does seem to be the case that a minority of grinders are keen to make their feelings known in a very public way. 

Of course, in an effort to quell any discontent, PokerStars and some of its higher ranking team pros have defended the recent changes. Citing a need to offset certain costs and create a more sustainable ecosystem moving forward, it seems to be the case that PokerStars is not only moving more in line with Amaya's company policies, but with the industry standards as they exist today.

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PokerStars to introduce MTT Rebuy Rake

Another policy change at PokerStars, this time regarding the ne rake policy for rebuy tournaments, have infuriated some members of the online poker community.

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